Universal Clamp Trak™ Kit (27″ x 45″)

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Universal Clamp Trak™ Kits offer a great new clamping solution that will help you accomplish a wide variety of common woodworking tasks. The Kits do this by allowing you to incorporate the versatile clamping capability of the popular Kreg Clamp Table into any workbench—whether it’s a new or existing bench.

Each Universal Clamp Trak Kit comes with longer versions of the same anodized aluminum Trak used in the Clamp Table, plus hardware and instructions that show you how to incorporate them into your workbench. With these Traks and couple of Kreg Bench Clamps (sold separately), you will be able to have a workbench and a multipurpose clamping station in one unit that can hold pieces large or small.

  • Can be mounted two ways: Surface Mount or Flush Mount
  • Accepts all Kreg Bench Clamps
  • Includes 27″ Trak and 45″ Trak
  • Designed to fit benches 30″ x 48″ and larger
  • Compatible with 20″ x 44″ Kreg Universal Bench
  • Each Trak measures 21/4″ (57mm) wide by .695″ (17mm) thick