Combo Kit TID 18/HKC 55 5,2 I-Set

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Pairing the TID with the HKC will make quick work of cutting and assembly at the framing stage of your construction project. Cross-cutting with ease or ripping materials to size, HK saws are adept at all circular saw tasks while bringing a higher degree of efficiency, repeatability, accuracy, and quality of cut unlike any other circular saw before. When used with FSK Guide Rails with integrated angle stops, making accurate, repeated, cuts is not only easy it is also fast thanks to the integrated retraction feature. Universal, standard quick-release chuck accepts 1/4” impact-rated bit holders and bits. Optimized design with removable, reversible belt clip and generous magnetic bit storage.


  • Long-lasting quality components, also fully covered thanks to the comprehensive support provided by Festool Service.
  • Brushless EC-TEC motor combined with lithium-ion batteries for maximum cutting power.
  • Bluetooth® technology enables communication with your mobile dust extractor to start automatically when the cordless tool is switched on.