4″ x 6″ Metal Cutting Bandsaw

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4″ x 6″ Metal Cutting Bandsaw #15-400 is designed to cut as a horizontal bow saw but will also operate as a vertical bandsaw when a table (included) is installed. Three blade speeds of 80, 120 and 180 feet per minute are ideal
for optimizing cut performance in brass alloys up to stainless steel. Miter angle cuts are possible up to 45°. The blade can be fed into the material manually or controlled automatically and hands-free with a spring-assist torsion system. When a cutting operation in completed the saw will automatically shut off.

  • Powerful 3/4HP Motor
  • Cuts 4″ x 6″ Square & 4-1/2″ Round Stock
  • Built-in Vise Clamps 0- 45°
  • Auto-Off Safety Paddle Switch
  • Can be used as a Horizontal Bandsaw