4″ x 36″ Belt/ 6″ Disc Sander

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4” x 36” Belt / 6” Disc Sander #50-112 is the preferred style of machine where the majority of sanding would be done on the wide abrasive belt. Belt frame adjusts in any position from horizontal to vertical to meet your
sanding needs. The belt’s support fence can be removed for full access to the whole length of the belt, and with the sanding disc positioned below the belt, it will not interfere with belt sanding of wide projects that overhang the frame. Machine features heavy cast iron base, quick release belt lever, and handy sanding disc with tilting table for fine, detail work.

  • Cast Iron Steel Construction
  • Belt Speed 1,900 SFPM
  • Disc Speed 3,450 RPM
  • Cast Aluminum Table
  • Includes: Work Support Table, Miter Gauge, 1-80 Grit Disc and 1-80 Grit Belt