16″ x 42″ VSR Lathe

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16” x 42” Variable Speed Lathe #70-305. Headstock contains all the controls for easy access when changes are needed – spindle speeds, rotation direction, indexing and powering on/off. Head rotates and locks in
place in 6 positions for changing from turning over the bed, to the outboard end for large diameter faceplate or chuck work. Cast iron stand has brackets for adding a lower shelf for tools or sand bags for extra anti-vibration weight. Digital controls can be moved to 4 bed locations for best access when turning. 220V motor. Lathe includes 12” tool rest.

  • Swivel & Sliding Head
  • 24 Position Index Head and Locking Spindle
  • Electronic Variable Speed
  • Heavy Cast Base
  • 10° / 30° Indexing Head with Locking Spindle